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Fitness is a key ingredient to a long, healthy firefighting career. The prevention of injuries is provided in the framework of fitness. Enhancing the fitness regimes of those who are already on the fitness train, while inspiring those who aren’t to join in. We aim to provide effective firefighter exercises and training workouts, the latest diet and nutrition recommendations, and awareness about the importance of developing a healthy mind, body, and soul connection.

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Alternatives to Traditional Pastas

The world's love affair with pasta traces back thousands of years to Asia, where archaeologists believe the first noodles were produced. There's been no turning back from this versatile and delicious comfort food favorite.

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Sour Power

These days, seemingly everyone is waxing poetic about the microbiome. There is a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that gut dysbiosis (microbial imbalance of the intestine) is associated with inflammatory and immune-mediated ills, including heart disease and diabetes. So to improve quality of life, more people are looking for ways to fertilize their gut with beneficial micro-bugs.

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Trust Your Gut

Detoxes and cleanses are popular but commonly misunderstood concepts that involve eliminating foods or food groups for a given period of time. Popular detoxification programs such as juice cleanses, sugar detoxes, elimination diets, fasting and taking fiber supplements usually involve eating a minimal amount of food.

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Six Ways to Eat Slower

Research suggests that fast eaters may gain more weight over time relative to slower eaters. In contrast, slower eaters naturally consume less food and feel more full after the meal.

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