Firefighters face many daily uncertainties. All too often, media coverage of a fire call or accident causes us to re-live the traumas we have witnessed, making it impossible to enjoy a normal and healthy life while off duty and away from the hall. We focus on topics surrounding travel, entertainment, transportation and the lighter side of firefighting (humor, camaraderie, and secrets of the trade).

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A Memorial Ride To Remember

By: David Cossitt President TPFFCS, Ambassador CFFF With last year’s 2020 ride shortened due to the pandemic, athletes in the TPFFCS Memorial Ride to Ottawa were bound and determined to get every kilometer in this year. Twenty dedicated riders raised several thousand dollars for the ride fund making this year’s ride a great success. Several …

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Meet Maureen Stoecklein

When Maureen (“call me Mo”) Stoecklein spoke to CRACKYL about a life that combines her two great passions, firefighting and nutrition, she was in the quiet bay of the fire station in Canton Township, Mich. Mo reflected on a life where work and personal interests merge.

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Food On The Stove

Within the first year of launching “Food On the Stove”, Tate’s team visited local firehouses to cook a healthy meal for each firefighter. Thanksgiving 2018 saw turkeys delivered to every firehouse in Washington, D.C. – 34 in all. Those who received the free, healthy meal were then asked to pay the favor forward to other firehouses. Word spread, as did interest in healthier meal choices.

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Because Wine Not?

“My slogan is ‘you don’t have to know wine to drink it but you have to drink wine to know it,’ which means to start at point zero and the sky is the limit.

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When Amber Bowman entered the field of firefighting, she saw it as more than just a career and a consistent paycheck. Firefighting is a challenging, empowering, and rewarding career, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Firefighting is about community, and she took that portion of the role very seriously. Amber has created a …

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