Rack ‘Em with FIT IT OUT

“Work, family, friends, yourself… At Fit It Out, we recognize everyone has competing priorities, and time is at a premium.  Save time by working out at home, maybe even get the family involved.  If the thought of expensive set up costs have been keeping you away, worry no more. We’re here to make this decision easier. We will help you fit out your home gym without breaking the bank.”

We recently sat down with one of our loyal partners, Maytham Naqvi from FIT IT OUT. We asked Maytham what he recommends for weight racks if you want to buy a reliable piece of equipment that will help you break a sweat, instead of the bank.

FIO Power Racks and squat stands are the strong recommendation from FIT IT OUT. Going with 11 gauge steel and 3 x 3 inch tubing makes these racks strong, dependable and built with a 1000 lb weight rating. Think you could max one of these babies out?

Maytham also explained that going with a 3 x 3 rack gives the pleasing reflection of a high quality, durable piece of equipment, over a 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 design. Not to mention that the black powder-coating makes them look pretty bad-ass in the firehouse gym or at home in your own.

If you’re interested in pull-up bars, all of FIT IT OUT’s full-size racks feature these and j-cups. The bars add versatility for not only the obvious pull-up workout, but they also work very well as anchors for banded workouts.

Worried about using these racks while working out alone? Fear not! Both the FIO Power Rack and the squat stands are equipped with either safety pin pipes or safety arms, reassuring you that even with that next rep you want to get in you have a strong spotter system behind you.

Available in both 82 and 92 inch heights, these racks are easy to assemble and ready for your purchase at FIT IT OUT today.

Time to reach out for a workout – thanks for the info Maytham!