LIFESTYLEA Travel Plan For Every Generation

A Travel Plan For Every Generation

By: Donna Tonner – Travel Agent at Dream ‘N Go Travel

Traveling is the stuff that dreams are made of. As we reflect on pre-pandemic travel, we can appreciate how easy it was to simply zero in on a plan; dream it, book it and just go! Hopefully, with the pandemic cautiously moving behind us, we can take advantage of our hindsight and refocus our expectations so we can still realize our travel dreams.

This new era of travel needs to take on new shapes and follow a new set of footprints. Don’t get shaken by those challenges. We can still climb that mountain, jump in that ocean, or share a glass of vino enjoying the vista before us. Let’s inspire some of those long buried dreams!

Getting Together as a Family

We have missed our family and friends. The ability to jump in the car, visit one another, celebrate special occasions, and share in person gatherings have been delayed or cancelled. With restrictions lifting and changing we suddenly see how important and terribly missed these gatherings have been. It’s not too late to make up for lost time! Multigenerational or group travel can be a wonderful way to reconnect with our loved ones.

Consider setting your sights on Canada. With 10 provinces and 3 territories we can travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And don’t forget about the Arctic for the adventure travelers reading this article. There is something for everyone. 

An RV rental can provide a safe opportunity for travel to behold our beautiful province and country! Rent one or more vehicles to accommodate everyone in the group. Canadream offers five different options that can accommodate two to four adults/children. Each RV has its own washroom and kitchen onboard and provides you with ample storage space. You can travel at a leisurely pace on the Trans Canada Highway or stay in one of our many National or Provincial parks. Have you ever driven through Lake Superior Provincial Park? An eye-popping scene awaits around each bend in the highway. 

The parks offer hiking, canoeing, swimming, flora, and fauna to satisfy the whole group. Choose a campsite beside the deep blue waters enjoying that nighttime ritual of getting lost in the beauty of the campfire, sharing your thoughts, and clearing your mind under the stars. Travel with Grandma and Grandpa, sister, brother, friends, or maybe quiet time with your own special someone making memories once again.

A Southern All Inclusive Getaway

Alternatively, a short 4-hour flight gets you south to relax in Caribbean style with turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and guaranteed warmth from the weather and the charming local people.

Rent a villa that can house everyone in your group allowing you to feel secure while creating your own travel bubble. Renting vehicles or hiring a private driver to get around is possible and not as costly as one might think. Most villas come with your own pool and lanai. Consider hiring a cook or housekeeper. Imagine taking the pressure off the meal maker you have had for the last 18 months!

You might want to consider enjoying the abandonment All-Inclusive resorts can offer you. While Club Med resorts boast of being the original all-inclusive resort, there are numerous resort brands to choose from which can satisfy your needs based on interests, luxury/bargain level or amenities. While the Sandals brand offers a couple’s experience, their Beaches brand indulges all ages. Sandals and Beaches have too many amenities to mention but thankfully they are all included!

Sip your morning java at the coffee shop while eyeing the manicured gardens nearby. Spend the afternoon with the kids at the water park or learn the basics of scuba diving, all enjoyed on site. The best part is that it’s all included!

Feeling Safe While you Travel

Destination and accommodation safety protocols are in place to ensure all guests are welcome and feel safe. Mom and dad are in one room while kiddies are in the connecting room. Best friends are down the hall a phone call away. Meals are served, beds made, rooms cleaned daily. Travel supplier representatives are on site to handle any issues that might arise. 

An All-Inclusive resort can also offer a romantic interlude for just the two of you. The options are vast and can provide you that much earned break from the reality of these past months’ stresses. Choose your own level of room exclusivity with swim up suites, private plunge pools and adult only areas. Lay on your Bali bed while your butler serves you a glass of Champagne or that favourite bucket of beer.

Cruising into Vacation Mode

Cruising into the sunset is no longer a far fetched idea. Experts have mandated new safety protocols which ensure that all cruise lines have safety protocols in place keeping guests assured of their safety. While not visiting a destination in depth, cruising can provide you with a taste of an island or country. The variety onboard is vast. Dining and entertainment offerings are plentiful. Food is prepared and served in local and international styles to which you are accustomed to. Buffets in the traditional sense are gone. Plexiglass now separates you from the food and your server. If you find it more relaxing, order a meal in your stateroom. Treat yourselves to a spa day, special dinner or relaxing in solitude on your private balcony.  Cabins are cleaned daily to the highest standards, and world class entertainment is at your fingertips. 

While these are all great travel opportunities, and hopefully whet your appetite to go out and play, I highly suggest you use a trusted Travel Planner/Consultant. These professionals will help you navigate the restrictions home and abroad. Each destination or port will have unique government restrictions, as will our own country for exit and entry, which can change daily. Travel professionals have the experience to navigate through it with you.

Staying Prepared

Travel and Emergency Medical Insurance plays a major role in your vacation planning, especially now. Remember the old advertising catchphrase ‘never, ever leave home without it’? This means local as well as international travel! 

Bottom line is this: start planning again. It’s a safe time to book ahead. Most suppliers have become very flexible in their terms and conditions. Cancelling or changing dates does not result in losing your money.

It’s not only ok to dream again but encouraged! Try something new this time around and remember that if you’re looking for the best vacation plan possible, hiring a Travel Agent will take the stress out of the vacation, keeping visions of margaritas and sunsets dancing in your head!

Photo by Juan Rojas on Unsplash