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By Susan Eliuk

Let’s be honest, as soon as that cold weather kicks in and the temperature drops below 0 degrees … we’re out of here!

What should we know when it comes to packing? It’s critical that we respectfully follow the rules, guidelines and safety for ourselves, and for our fellow travelers, before during and after. So, before we pack let’s do our due diligence and make sure that we’re up-to-date on the most recent Travel & Tourism info from the Government of Canada.

Firefighters are trained in prevention and safety. They know all about planning for the worst and make sure their bunker gear pockets are filled with safety tools that could save their lives in a pinch: ropes, flashlights, knives, screw drivers, vice grips, etc. 

Don’t let COVID take the wind out of your sails. While we don’t need screwdrivers on vacation, the world is very different now and planning for travel today should be met with the same enthusiasm and prevention, especially as things change daily.  

Adventure is waiting

There’s nothing more exciting than packing for our next escapade to new beaches, dive spots, ski hills or hiking trails. We’re ready to fly to new destinations, ATV through the mountains, kayak next to whales or zipline through rainforests. From the moment we decide to travel, excitement keeps us fueled until the day we depart. Traveling in changing times, however, is challenging but keeps us sharp and on our toes. Sure, it can be scary … feel the fear and do it anyway knowing that the industry we love so much is taking every precaution to keep us safe, backed by governments around the world who are taking the same cautionary measures as we cross borders. Travel is one of the largest industries on the planet for a reason – every country depends on tourism which in turn, keeps a lot of people employed. It may take its share of hits but ALWAYS gets back on its feet and returns with a vengeance.

So, what are some essentials for our packing list? Here’s a Check List to get you started.

  • Masks: several of them; whether disposable or washable, be sure to have enough to get you through the entire trip; one a day, a fresh one after activities or one a week with a few to spare.
  • Face shield: a mask will suffice but maybe you feel better with a shield on the plane and in public places.
  • Mini First Aid Kit: including disposal gloves, BandAids, Aspirin, disinfectant wipes (for your phone, arm rests on the plane, table tray, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Small clear containers in Ziplock bags/makeup pouches: with hand soap, Polysporin, motion sickness aids, personal meds, disinfectant spray; when it comes time to fill the security bins, have everything on hand and maybe even in a handy foldable nylon tote for easy cleaning when you get to your destination.
  • Reusables: water bottle, food wraps, dishcloths, Bee’s Wrap for fruit; Ziplock bags for goodies/snacks
  • COVID test: done within 72hrs before travel; you could be otherwise denied entry to where you’re going.
  • Online COVID-19 PCR test: complete and present the Travel Authorization form of the country that you’re visiting for permission to enter.
  • Travel Insurance: if you don’t have it, you may be have to purchased upon arrival or you’re going home sooner than you hoped. Air Canada Vacations is currently offering a ‘Quarantine Insurance’ (ask your Travel Pro for details and don’t leave home without it).
  • Download your Airline’s Mobile App: online check-in, receive your boarding passes, access your booking/inflight entertainment/flight schedule, etc.

We’ve got plenty more ideas but these handy, essential items will have you feeling positive and get you flying and enjoying solid vacations time. Be preventative, recycle, reuse, lessen your environment footprint and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!  HAPPY TRAVELS!

Whether you’re traveling in Canada or internationally, here you’ll find info on how to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Photo By Pexel Images